I need urgent help.

It’s okay. There are loads of people that WANT to help you. Because you’re so important.

If you are in immediate danger – then just dial 999. Don’t hesitate.

If you can get yourself up to A&E, then do so. Ask to be seen by the duty psychiatrist, and explain to the receptionist you’re in crisis.

If you just want to talk to someone, give the Samaritans a call on 116 123. It’s 24/7/365, it’s free, and it’s confidential.

You can also call 111 and ask for help and advice from them too.

If you’re like me and have extreme phone anxiety, then try IMAlive (www.imalive.org) – they provide a web chat service.

And remember this: You are important. You are worth it. You are wanted. You are loved. This planet needs you.