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I’m sure it’ll surprise none of you after reading my blog entries, that I’m fed up. Totally, utterly, completely fed the hell up. With a side order of ARGH. 

Yet again, I’m in a total anger thanks to the mental health team. I went for a psychological assessment this week with a lovely gentleman, and it turns out that the Harrogate based teams are in a much worse situation than it seems on the outset.

Currently, they’re 3 care coordinators down, and have zero capacity for long term psychiatric support… great huh?

I just don’t understand why this is allowed to happen. I’ve essentially lost all of my support from the CMHT because they just don’t have the staff to give me even a minimal amount of continued support. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that people are leaving the profession, and that’s just how staff churn works, but to me, it seems that there’s nowhere near enough effort being put into making staff feel comfortable and secure in their jobs.

End of the day, these places need to look after both their clients/service users and their staff – because certainly in jobs like that staff can become service users very quickly! You need to give people the time to stop, to discuss things that have gone on, gone wrong, and gone right. Plus, you have GOT to give people the tools to help their service users. It’s the same in any job – take me, for example, if I was being asked for password resets but couldn’t perform them because the team that did password resets were already too busy to accept any more calls, that would be awful! It would frustrate me no end, and absolutely destroy any job satisfaction I had.

I gotta say that every member of frontline staff that I’ve met at the CMHT, from the receptionists to the consultants have been absolutely flipping awesome. Caring, considerate, approachable, helpful. Each one of you deserves a giant hug, a massive thank you, and a giant pay rise. What seriously disillusions me, is that your CEO doesn’t share that. It seems also that the government aren’t interested in actually helping either because of their “We’re giving more money than ever..” rhetoric – when in fact, they’re actually just helping them fill up their deficit a bit more.

I wish sometimes that I could afford to go into private care. Unfortunately, it’s eye-wateringly expensive around here, and it’s now too late to get insurance – as it’s a pre-existing condition *sigh*.

Think I’ll leave my ill-formed rant there for now…

Peace and love,


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