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Panic! At the Disco – Crazy=Genius

So today, I went to see a psychologist at the CMHT, which I thought was going to be a real step forward, and actually get some wheels put back into motion after my treasure of a CPN left, and I got the letter to say that I’m not getting a new one… (incidentally, still not heard from the manager that’s supposed to be getting in touch, but anyway…) 

However, it really wasn’t the push I really needed or was hoping for.

Please don’t get me wrong – I really appreciated his candour and his honesty – however, it really is a major insight into the absolutely shocking state of the mental health service in Harrogate, and in fact, the country.

Harrogate CMHT is currently 3 care coordinators short of what they need.
The psychologists they have on staff? All fully booked, and the one that isn’t is going on long-term absence soonish…

How is this acceptable?! The government keep on harping on about extra money for mental health trusts, but quite frankly, it’s just not getting to the front line. As far as I can see, it’s being used to lessen the deficit that the trusts are seeing! So, all of this fresh money is bringing literally nothing new.

I want to get so angry about all of this, but I’m fed up of it. I don’t know who to talk to about it anymore. I’ve written to my MP, I’ve written to the CEO of the mental health trust, yet no-one does anything. Nothing changes. Certainly, the CEO has made it very clear that he’s going to make me look an idiot, rubbish everything I’ve said, and then ignore any further correspondence (See Dear Mr. Martin).

Going to sign off for now. Will blog another time about the appointment.

Peace and love,


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