Response to recent press on SSRIs

Hey guys, just wanted to write about things that you might see and hear in the media over the next few days.

Please remember: THERE IS NO SHAME, HARM OR PROBLEM WITH TAKING SSRIS, OR ANY MENTAL HEALTH MEDICATION! So long as you’re taking it in accordance with the instructions, and your GP (or other medical professional) is having regular catch ups with you – then all is good. The case that the BBC have made reference to, from what I have seen, the patient discontinued his medication suddenly – which is ALWAYS a VERY bad idea!

Everyone reacts differently to meds. Be it paracetamol, or citalopram. As long as you’re honest with your medical professional, and tell them if things change, you’ll be fine. If one doesn’t work, there’s an awful lot more to try. I’ve tried 7 personally, and I know I’ve not been through the entire list! 

Even as I write this – the Royal College of Psychiatrists have posted that there is no evidence of even a casual link with SSRIs and murder! Sertraline and SSRIs help millions of people – and help then stay alive. Because yes, you can die from depression. It’s an illness, just like anything else.

If you have any worries, concerns or anything regarding your medication – please, please speak to your GP, or psychological doctor. End of the day, they’re the people in the know 

Please do not let anything you see or hear in the news, on social media, or anything but you and your doc change your mind about meds, or which ones to take. Antidepressants save lives – and that’s indisputable fact.

Peace and love guys.


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