Won’t you lay your healing hands on my chest? Let your ritual clean.

(Title: Bastille – Send Them Off!)

Well guys, I have to admit, it’s been an incredibly busy month, where an awful lot has happened! However, I have to say, the feeling of being sat back in Hoxton North with a cup of coffee (albeit I’ve just finished it…), the gentle burble of other people in the venue, music, and slightly distant passing of cars, is just sublime. This truly is my happy place, my favourite place to be, the one place I can count on to be super awesome. 

So, let’s update you on what’s happened over the past few weeks.

Dentist fixed my teeth, MH doctor increased my meds and put me onto the modified release version of venlafaxine – which is quite frankly awesome, and my GP just wanted an update, really!

I’ve since seen my care-coordinator, who told me the sad news that she’s leaving! 🙁 Absolutely gutted – she’s such a lovely person, and it’s such a shame that she’s left – however I feel that, although the reasons why she’s leaving weren’t disclosed to me, they were definitely the right ones.

What I do want to whinge about though, is the fact that I’ve not been allocated anyone to see in the mean time! Whether it’s due to a staff shortage, or what, I literally have no named person to call, which really doesn’t do my anxiety any good at all in honesty. I’ve got an appointment with a psychologist at the end of the month though – so hopefully, we’ll finally get somewhere with the talking therapies.

Outside of health stuff, I’ve been all around the flippin’ country lately! Spent a weekend in Newcastle doing things in the datacentre for Virgo (spending close to 20 hours in there one Saturday ! ), then down to Manchester for a training course at QA, then down to London to do an office move! Phew.

Stress is at bonkers levels at the moment, as I’m trying to work on System Center (deliberately spelt the American way!), as well as keep the helpdesk alive, pacify office staff, and also try to keep things working in the new office, which they completely rushed moving into, meaning they’ve got an absolutely shocking internet connection for now… even spending this weekend trying to think of ingenious ways to basically get blood out of a stone…!

Anyway, brain starting to hurt now, so I’m singing off.

Peace and love,


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