I’m still hungry…

Sorry about the other night guys, I just had one of those times when I needed to write, yet no words would come out, which quite frankly, suck. It’s like I know what will help me out, yet I just can’t actually do it. I can almost hear my brain laughing at me! 🙁

So, yesterday morning I found, almost completely randomly and by accident, a track which I would never normally listen to (props to James Falk for turning me onto this duo, by the way!) – DJ Format and Abdominal – Still Hungry.

I was looking for a track that we’d listened to in the car up on the way to M&S (it’s not JUST lunch!), which turned out to be Ill Culinary Behaviour, by the way, and popped this on instead. The timing of the discovery of the track and the lyrics was literally like they were rhyming to me directly.

It’s difficult to even to pick out one quote from it that really stood out in all honesty – so take a break from my words and go read theirs here – or listen to it here 

Think I’ll sign it off there for now. Not really feeling up to blogging about me at the moment, so I’ll save that for another day.

Peace and love to you all


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