You think you’re getting somewhere…

So my last post was my open response to the CEO of TEWV NHS Foundation Trust.

I got a response… from his PA.

“Dear Mr Molyneux,

On behalf of Colin Martin, Chief Executive, I write to acknowledge receipt of your email below.

Thank you for your feedback which Colin has noted and we have also forwarded your email to the relevant service in order that they are made aware of your comments.

Please accept our best wishes for the future.”

I don’t normally post these responses without permission, however honestly, this one made me SO cross that I felt the need to.

I think that makes it clear that “we would welcome feedback”, and any chance of an open and honest discussion were pandering for my MP.

I feel totally and utterly despondent, dismissed, and that my opinions about my own damn care don’t matter.

Not a single acknowledgement about one point in my response. And in my eyes, a very clear indication that further correspondence will not be welcome.

What’s the point in shouting when people don’t want to hear?

What’s the point in trying to improve things when no-one gives a damn?

When lies are used to cover things up, and when they’re called out, people don’t want to hear it.

I’m going to stop now – because quite honestly, it’s upsetting me and making me angry again. I feel like crap anyway today, so this is the last thing I need.

Peace and love as always to you all,


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