‘Cause the square doesn’t fit the circle

So this week has been a pretty mixed bag for me. I’ve had stress, I’ve had very down times, but equally, I have had one good day, where I finally passed my Microsoft exam, and am now officially a Microsoft Certified Professional! Which is awesome. But, my body is still very much in withdrawal from Duloxetine, and it’s still very much taking its toll. I’m down to 60mg now, and actually due to go down to 30mg from tomorrow night.

So, withdrawal. Still incredibly unpleasant, I keep getting dizzy spells, I keep feeling queasy and nauseous, and I feel really unaware of what’s actually going on. Even typing this post – I’ve had to go back and correct so much already because I’ve typed something that I’ve not meant to type, or had to change the grammar because I’ve messed up.

[I’ll level with you, this is all I managed to write in this post, before I had to go from where I was sitting – so unfortunately, this is all you get! But I still wanted to publish it, as it shows what I was feeling at the time. GM]

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